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Accommodation for International Students

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Finding accommodation in Cologne is tough and demanding for students, as in other large German cities. The need of housing is high especially in the beginning of the semester, therefore we recommend to begin to search for an accommodation as early as possible from your home country. To help you with your housing search in Cologne, we have compiled the information and tips below.



The First Days in Cologne

If you did not find any accommodation so far and you need a hotel room for your first days in Cologne, information is available at KölnTourismus. You can also reserve a room through this website.

Alternatively you can stay in a hostel or youth hostel. To stay at the youth hostels, it is necessary to obtain a youth hostel identity card. These identity cards are available in the youth hostels themselves or online.


Student Dormitories

The Kölner Studierendenwerk operates 89 student dormitories with 4.800 spots for students from all of Cologne’s universities, including spots for students with children or families.

In addition to the student dormitories operated by the "Kölner Studierendenwerk", an array of private student dormitories (website in German language) operated by other institutions exists as well.

Applications to any of the above residence halls must be submitted by the applicant as early as possible (3-6 months prior to moving in). Please note that the rooms are highly desired and scarce, so the probability of being assigned a room in one of the student dormitories is very low.

Apartment Shares

As an alternative to renting a room in a student dormitory or renting your own apartment, you can rent a furnished or unfurnished room in an apartment share (Wohngemeinschaft – "WG").

In apartment shares you share your bathroom and kitchen with your roommates, just like in the student dormitories. A room in an apartment share is usually cheaper than an own apartment and affords the advantage of a completely furnished apartment – except for the room you rent – and is a good way to meet people in Cologne. The average price of rent for a room in an apartment share is about € 300.

Please begin your search for a room in an apartment share as early as possible. We have compiled some useful links for you below.


Should you decide to rent your own apartment, please note that apartments in Germany are usually leased to tenants unfurnished and that most landlords are not interested in short-term leases. Unfurnished apartments, especially larger in size, are harder to find and also more expensive. The rent prices for unfurnished apartments in Cologne are as follows:

  • Apartments sized 30 m² (one room) are approximately €327
  • Apartments sized 55 m² (two rooms) are approximately €483
  • Apartments sized 80 m² (three rooms) are approximately €691.

Rent prices as well as utility costs depend greatly on what part of town you are in, how close you are to public transportation, and on the apartment’s amenities.

Below you will find some links that may help you in your search for a room (single room / room in an apartment share) or for an apartment.

Service for Apartment Visits

The young start-up company Start-Up-Unternehmen Flattrust offers students who are not yet in Cologne the opportunity to visit the flats they are interested in. The University of Cologne does not guarantee the services of Flattrust.



Kölner Studierendenwerk (dormitories)


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