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The Senate

The Senate is responsible for the tasks specified in 

Pursuant to Section 22 (1) sent. 1-6 of the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (Hochschulgesetz – HG), the Senate is responsible for those aspects of research, teaching and studies that pertain to the University of Cologne or its central institutions, or are of crucial importance. Members of the Senate are the rector as chairman, six faculty representatives, three academic staff representatives, three student representatives, and two non-academic staff representatives.  

Senate members:


  • Professor Axel Freimuth (rector)

Vice chairman:

  • Dr. Anita Jain

Members with full voting rights:

Senator of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences

Professor Thomas Hartmann-Wendels

1. Professor  Karsten Hank
2. N.N.

Senator of the Faculty of Law

Professor Wolfram Höfling

1.Professor Hans-Peter Haferkamp
2. Professor Barbara Grunewald

Senator of the Faculty of Medicine

Professor Claus Cursiefen

1. Professor Rita Schmutzler
2. Professor Reinhard Büttner

Senator of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Professor Barbara Potthast

1. Professor Peter W. Marx
2. Professor Andreas Speer

Senator of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Professor Ute Höcker

1. Professor Markus Grüninger
2. Professor Michael Bonkowski

Senator of the Faculty of Human Sciences

Professor Michael Schemmann

1. Professor Birte Englich
2. Professor Jutta Ecarius

Academic Staff Senator

Dr. Anita Jain
Dr. Kristina Klein
Dr. Harald Kierspel

1. Dr. Monika Klages
2. Dr. Jan Kruse
3. Dr. Hermann Mellinghoff
4. Daniel Wickeroth
5. Dr. Ulrich Schütz
6. André Welters

Administrative and Technical Staff Senator

Stefan Thiel
Dr. Ralf Müller


1. Dr. Christiane Biehl
2. Mechtild Meurer
3. Birgit Mechtold
4. Frank Bielau

Student Senator 

Pauline Maria Klein

1. Tim Wiest
2. Anna Baumann

Student Senator 

Imke Ahlen

1. Jonas Günther
2. Elisabetz Egg

Student Senator 

Senta Pineau

1. Kamilla Halemba
2. Sergen Canoglu

Members with an Advisory Vote:

  • Professor Bettina Rockenbach (Prorector for Research)
  • Professor Ansgar Büschges (Prorector for Planning and Academic Staff)
  • Professor Stefan Herzig (Prorector for Teaching and Studies)
  • Professor Heinz-Peter Mansel (International Affairs)
  • Professor Manuela Günter (Prorector for Gender Equality and Diversity)
  • Professor Ludwig Kuntz (Planning and Finances)
  • Dr. Michael Stückradt (Chancellor)
  • Professor Werner Mellis (Dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences)
  • Professor Ulrich Preis (Dean of the Faculty of Law)
  • Professor Thomas Krieg (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine)
  • Professor Monika Schausten  (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
  • Professor Günter Schwarz (Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
  • Professor Susanne Zank (Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences)
  • Annelene Gäckle, (Gender equality officer )
  • Theodor Jost (1. AStA-Chairman)
  • Wolfgang Müller (Confidant for disabled people)
  • Dr. Benno Göckede (Deputy speaker of the academic staff council)
  • Christina Meier (Staff council of the university)
  • Dr. Stephan Wonczak (Academic staff council)
  • Dr. Ulrich Schütz (Academic staff council of the university clinic)
  • Professor Gerd Hansen (Commissioner for students with disability or chronic illness)
  • Thomas Gerdes (Student assistant council)
  • Magdalena Scheer (Recording of minutes)