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Schmittmann Wahlen Foundation Grants Two Year-Doctoral Scholarship

As in previous years, in 2018 the University of Cologne, together with the Schmittmann Wahlen Foundation, awards one doctoral stipend. The scholarship is granted to honor the memory of the former university professor Benedikt Schmittmann (1872-1939). Information on the vitae of Benedikt and Helene Schmittmann can be found at (in German).  

Who can apply?

All graduates of the University of Cologne who perform above average in academics are eligible to apply. The foundation aims to promote socially committed, unconventional thinkers with a profound interest in political and societal matters. Thus, social activity and critical thinking will be important criteria in the selection process, together with financial need.

Amount and duration of the scholarship

1.500 Euros per month for a period of two years beginning February 1st, 2019.


Candidates may not apply directly, but must be nominated by the University of Cologne professor who has agreed to supervise the candidate’s doctoral dissertation.

Proposals must be submitted by August 12th, 2018 to the University of Cologne, Personalentwicklung Wissenschaft, Albertus Magnus Platz, 50923 Köln or via e-mail to
Following documents must be submitted:

  • A curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • A brief outline of the dissertation project
  • A statement about the dissertation project by the prospective supervisor
  • Evidence of social commitment during studies; evidence of interest in socially / politically relevant themes
  • Evidence of financial need (overview of financial situation: how have studies been financed so far? Which current and prospective financial means are available, and in which amounts?)
  • The form “Antrag auf Promotionsförderung”, which is available to download at the following website:

The successful candidate will be selected by a committee consisting of the Rector of the University of Cologne (Chair), the Vice-Rector for Academic Staff, two members of the Executive Board of the Schmittmann Wahlen Foundation, the Deans or Vice Deans of the Faculties and the Speaker of the Albertus Magnus Nachwuchszentrum (AMNZ).

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact the Academic Staff Development Department.

Ann-Kristin Kolwes
Phone +49 (0) 221/470-3104

Further information on the Schmittmann Wahlen Foundation can be found at (in German)