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Committees and boards

You can find further information on the administration web pages (only accessible for members of the university)
All documents are available als PDF.

Boards mandatory under the Constitution of the University of Cologne

Committee for Teaching, Studies and Student Matters
Chairman:Prof. Dr. Christian von Coelln (acting)

Committee concearning scientific staff issues
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Büschges (Prorector)

Committee concearning administrative and technical staff issues
Chairman: Dr. Michael Stückradt (Chancellor)

Central Quality Improvement Committee 
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ludwig Kuntz (Prorector)

Rectorate commissions or further bodies of the University of Cologne whose members are elected or appointed by the rectorate

Committee for Good Scientific Practice
Composition by the rector's decision
Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Academic Practice and Dealing with Academic Misconduct 

Granting Committee for the Study and Teaching Foundation
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Axel Freimuth (Rector)

Planning and Finances Committee
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ludwig Kuntz

Committee for Information and Communication
Chairman: N.N.

Academic Advisory Council
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Bettina Rockenbach

Board of the Daycare Center
Chairwoman: Dr. Kirsten Mallossek

Council of the Studio Stage and Film Workshop
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Nitsch

Administrative Council of the Student Support Fund
Chairman: N.N.

Joint Examination Board for the Entrance Examination of International Students
Chairman: Prof. Dr.  Wolfram Neiss

Chairwoman: Prof. Dr. Bettina Rockenbach (Prorector)