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KPA II: Behavioral Economic Engineering and Social Cognition

  • Postdoc-2013-Workshop
    Social Psychology I, University of Cologne
    27 February – 1 March 2013

    "The aim of the workshop is to give Postdocs in Social Psychology an opportunity to get feedback on their research, broaden their career-related knowledge, and to network."
  • SoDoc-2013-Workshop
    Social Psychology I, University of Cologne
    21 –  23 June 2013

    "The aim of the workshop is to give PhD students in Social Psychology a place to discuss their research with renowned senior scholars and their peers, to learn more about cutting-edge research as well as career-related skills and to get to know each other."
  • Workshop of the Research Group "Design & Behavior", Schloss Gracht
    3 – 5 July 2013
  • Workshop on field experimentation with John List (University of Chicago)
    Research Group "Design & Behavior", University of Cologne
    22 August 2013
  • Cologne-Zurich-Workshop on Market Design with Jacob Goeree (University of Zurich)
    Research Group "Design & Behavior" and University of Zurich18 September 2013
  • Strategic Partnership – Visit Nijmegen
    Joint Workshop in Nijmegen on 17/18 June 2013
    Group of Prof. Daniel Wigboldus/Prof. Thomas Mussweiler

KPA IV: Socio-economic, Cultural and Political Transformations in the Global South

  • Testing and Contesting Regimes of Visibility (Prof. Dr. Dorothea Schulz)
    International Conference
    3 – 5 July 2013

    As technical media spreads across the globe, local regimes of visibility are replaced, transformed and integrated into capital-driven economies of representation. Locally embedded practices link up more easily with wider audiences by adapting and adopting new frames of reference and arenas for action and public circulation. At the same time, secret codes and specific formats may be used to uphold exclusivities and to produce and insist on uniqueness. As existing divisions between public and private spaces blur, unforeseen forms of evidence and new regimes of legitimation are generated. The conference addresses the intertwining of media technologies, new community formations, and struggles over presence in technically mediated publics. By situating these questions in the context of intensified patterns of migration and exchange among different regions of the Global South, and between these regions and the historical centers of the industrialized 'North', the workshop promises new insights into the ways media technologies and related practices contribute to the construction of 'the South' in its economic, political and epistemic relationship to the Euro-American West.
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  • Workshop: ‘Mobility within and to the Global South’ (Michaela Pelican)

    Among the activities supported by the KPA 4 is the international workshop “Mobility within and to the Global South: Alternative Histories, Labour Policies, and Citizenship Regimes”. The workshop will take place at the University of Cologne from December 5 to 7 2013 and is organized by Prof. Michaela Pelican (Univ. of Cologne) and Dr. habil. Heike Drotbohm (Univ. of Freiburg).

    One of the current trends of international migration is its reorientation towards new geographical destinations. These alternative topographies can be seen in the context of global transitions to a new multipolar world order, in which European and North American destinations gradually lose their force of attraction. This workshop is aimed at developing a conceptual framework to study migration within and to the Global South, and to discuss vital subject areas, such as migration and citizenship regimes, migrant sociability and networks, as well as interdisciplinary methodologies, epistemologies and collaboration. It will bring together scholars from different disciplinary fields who are experts in this emerging field of study. The participants include scholars from within Europe as well as from Brazil and China. The keynote speech will be delivered by Prof. Bela Feldman-Bianco of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas on the subject “Deconstructing the Global South Notion: Migration, Political Economy and Ethnography” (Friday, December 5, 17.45-19.15h, S25)
  • Internationales Symposium
    América Latina y la Literatura Mundial:
    mercado editorial, redes globales y la invención de un continente

    Verlag Macht Weltliteratur. Lateinamerika im Fokus globaler Zirkulationsprozesse
    Ort: Universität zu KölnTermin: 29.-31. Januar 2014
    Organisation: Prof. Dr. Gesine Müller (Köln) und Prof. Dr. Dunia Gras (Barcelona)

    Die internationale Tagung verfolgt das Ziel, einen Beitrag zur aktuellen Debatte um den Weltliteratur-Begriff zu leisten, welcher insbesondere die vielfältigen Verflechtungen der lateinamerikanischen Literatur innerhalb eines weltumspannenden Distributions- und Rezeptionskontextes in den Blick nehmen möchte. An der Schnittstelle zwischen philologischen und literatursoziologischen Forschungsperspektiven geht es dabei vorrangig um die Untersuchung von Zirkulations-, Übersetzungs- und Rezeptionsprozessen der lateinamerikanischen Literaturen seit 1959 im Kontext eines sich zunehmend globalisierenden (Welt)Literaturmarktes, welche die Frage nach theoretischen Konzeptualisierungen des Weltliteratur-Begriffs mit spezifischen Analysen bestimmter Autoren und regionaler Rezeptionsphänomene vergleichend zu verbinden sucht. Dabei spielen auch Beziehungen innerhalb des globalen Südens eine Rolle. Im Zusammendenken dieser Kategorien sollen die Dynamiken und die ihnen zugrunde liegenden Netzwerke dieser komplexen weltliterarischen Relationen mit ihren diversen Akteuren aus und mit Blick auf Lateinamerika sichtbar gemacht und diskutiert werden. Flyer zur Tagung / further information (PDF)