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Doctoral candidates

Erste Generation Promotion Mentoring+





The program Erste Generation Promotion Mentoring+ (First Generation Doctorates Mentoring+) is a new service for doctoral candidates as well as students in their final year who come from non-academic backgrounds. The program which is located at the AMGC matches interested candidates with mentors who themselves share this non-academic background. They support them in planning and realizing their projects, and the shared experience is the basis for openly discussing questions and problems around topics such as the doctoral dissertation itself, academic habitus and career advice. The program comprises of one-to-one mentoring and workshops designed for the specific needs of the mentees.

The program is open for doctoral candidates and students in their final year of all genders and from all faculties of the University of Cologne. The workshops are held in German. The mentoring can be conducted in German or English.





          Ann-Kristin Kolwes, M.A.

          Telefon: (0221) 470 3104