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Cologne Global Study Program – Contemporary European Studies

The Cologne Global Study Program (CGSP) is an academic certification program designed for students of the University of Cologne’s partner universities. It combines classes on Contemporary European Studies (taught in English) and German language courses.

The program’s main goal is to provide an excellent academic environment for exchange students who do not speak German, but wish to study at the University of Cologne. This program strengthens the collaboration between the University of Cologne and its partner universities and fosters an international atmosphere on campus. 

Interested in the CGSP?

Information for students from one of our partner universities interested in participating in the Cologne Global Study Program

CGSP Studium Integrale

Information for regular students at the University of Cologne, who would like to participate in courses of the CGSP within the framework of the "Studium Integrale"


Contact for the Cologne Global Study Program

Heike Berner, Judith Berns & Johannes Mueller: cgspSpamProtectionverw.uni-koeln.de

Contact for all international students from non-European countries:

Nicole Conde



CGSP Events:

01. Juli 2019 - 23. Juli 2020

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01. Juli 2019
Test Event in the Past
05. Juli 2019 - 19. Juli 2019
Cologne Summer School on Personalized Medicine
14. Juli 2019 - 19. Juli 2019
Summer School "Digitalisierung und Neue Medien"
15. Juli 2019 - 31. Dezember 2019
Upcoming Events: New York Office
19. Juli 2019
TEST Event India Office CURRENT
31. Juli 2019
Test Event India Office