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Albertus Magnus Professorship

The Albertus Magnus Professorship was established at the University of Cologne in commemoration of the medieval universal scholar Albertus Magnus (1193–280), who from 1248 until 1254 headed the studia generalia of the Dominican Order in Cologne, counting also Thomas Aquinas among his pupils. He is considered one of the spiritual fathers of the medieval University in Cologne, which was founded in 1388.

The appointment to this professorship goes to a personage of international renown who in public lectures and seminars addresses issues that are important in many fundamental sciences, but also in public debate. 

Albertus Magnus Professors:

  • Douglas Hofstadter (2018)
  • Georges Didi-Huberman (2017)
  • Judith Butler (2016)
  • Bruno Latour (2015)
  • Michael Tomasello (2014)
  • John Searle (2013)
  • Martha Nussbaum (2012)
  • Noam Chomsky (2011)
  • Enrique Dussel (2010)
  • Philipp Pettit (2009)
  • Robert Audi (2008)
  • Giorgio Agamben (2007)
  • Jean Luc Nancy (2006)
  • Arthur C. Danto (2005)

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