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Law and Revolution Disruption and Continuity of Legal Development in Central and Eastern Europe
09 November - 10 November

The conference explores the question which historical developments in the 20th and 21st century can be seen as turning points for the legal development in Central and Eastern European states and if continuity exists beyond ostensible historical breaks. The first part of the conference focusses on the significance of the revolutions in 1917/18 and 1989-91 for the post-Soviet space. The second part discusses the current constitutional and judiciary development in Poland and Hungary. Over the course of this, the dichotomy of “socialist law” and rule of the law in a liberal state stemming from the transformation paradigm will be questioned. This may provide impulses for a conceptual realignment of regional legal studies focussing on Central and Eastern Europe

Registration: office(at)dgo-online.org

Further information: http://www.iorr.uni-koeln.de/sites/ostrecht/aktuelles/2018/Programm_FT_Recht_2018.pdf