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Preferences and Well-Being - Meet the Expert with Prof. Daniel Hausman, Ph. D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
05 März
09:00 Uhr - 11:30 Uhr
ceres Geschäftsstelle, Universität zu Köln, Universitätsstr. 91, 1. OG 50931 Köln

This Meet the Expert workshop will discuss the assertion that desire or preference-satisfaction theories of well-being are fundamentally misconceived. A state of affairs that is not otherwise good for an individual does not become good for the individual because the individual desires it. Consider cases in which, for example, a person forms a desire that a stranger he meets on a train be cured of a dangerous disease. The satisfaction of that desire does not make him better off. The explanation given by defenders of preference or desire satisfaction theories is that such desires, whose satisfaction does not enhance the agent’s well-being, do not concern the agent’s own life. That response fails, because the satisfaction of preferences that are self-directed but which do not aim at the agent’s own benefit does not, except by chance, promote the agent’s well-being. What makes satisfying my desires so often good for me is the fact that I frequently desire things that are in some other way good for me.  Preference or desire satisfaction theories tell us nothing about what constitutes well-being. They instead piggy-back on the judgments of individuals concerning what promotes their well-being, understood in some other way than as preference or desire satisfaction.
Nähere Informationen zu Veranstaltung und Anmeldung finden Sie unter: http://ceres.uni-koeln.de/veranstaltungen/meet-the-expert/daniel-hausman/.


Die Teilnehmerzahl für den Meet the Expert-Workshop ist auf 20 Personen begrenzt. Interessierte können sich bis zum 02. März 2018 anmelden.

ceres – Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics, and Social Sciences of Health

ceres Geschäftsstelle
Universität zu Köln
Universitätsstr. 91, 1. OG
50931 Köln