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Child Labour and its Opponents in Global and Historical Perspective
07 Dezember - 08 Dezember
Internationales Kolleg Morphomata

(Rückgebäude), Bibliothek, 3. Stock

Weyertal 59
50937 Köln

Link: http://lageplan.uni-koeln.de/#!126

This international workshop unites leading experts from different world regions to discuss child labour and its opponents from a global and historical perspective. While much of the literature approaches child labour from a national and predominantly contemporary perspective, it seeks to discuss past and present child labour from a global view including less-studied histories of the so-called Global South. Providing a platform for new research findings, the workshop aims to enrich our empirical and methodological knowledge on the history and presence of child labour from a global perspective.

Colin Heywood (University of Nottingham), Carolyn Tuttle (Lake Forest College), Susan Levine (University of Cape Town), Geraldine Schmitz (University of Frankfurt), Jane Humphries (University of Oxford), Anne Jacob (Kindernothilfe), Friedel Hütz-Adams (Südwind e.V.), Michael Zeuske (GSSC, University of Cologne), Nina Schneider (GSSC, University of Cologne), and Kristoffel Lieten (University of Amsterdam)

Supported by:
Competence Area IV and NetEx - Network and Exchange

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Registration required by December 1, 2017.