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China`s New Silkroads: Exploring the Emerging Worlds of Chinese Globalization
10 November
09:30 Uhr - 17:30 Uhr

What is the shape of China Global? How do Chinese transnational investments in infrastructures and production facilities effect lives worldwide? Can we speak of a Chinese-type globalization?

In this interdisciplinary workshop, we will discuss first insights from the field of Chinese globalization initiatives. China’s Belt-Road-Initiative, also known as “One-Road One-Belt” (OBOR), inaugurated by Xi Jinping in 2014, represents an encompassing strategy of turning China into a global center by linking up transregional infrastructure projects within the transport, energy and telecommunication sector. Many observers interpret OBOR as China’s answer to the US domination of global trade. The country itself represents it as a project of transnational and regional cooperation that is to realize mutual interests in economic development as well as cultural exchange and understanding. In any case, OBOR initiatives have already impacted the lives of many people in the countries involved. Southeast Asia in particular, but also large parts of Africa, are already in the grip of Chinese investments.

In this one-day workshop, we will jointly explore how the social sciences can explore the contours of a new China-centred globalization.

Further Information: http://gssc.uni-koeln.de/de/node/1643