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Faster than a cycle of light
09 Januar
16:45 Uhr - 18:15 Uhr
HS III der Physikalischen Institute
Zülpicher Straße 77
50937 Köln

Link: https://lageplan.uni-koeln.de/#!321

Großes Physikalisches Kolloquium

Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber
University of Regensburg

Latest progress in ultrafast optics allows us to accelerate electrons in solids directly by the carrier wave of light. A fascinating quantum world unfolds on the sub-optical-cycle scale, including Bloch oscillations, quasiparticle collisions, and high-harmonic generation. By combining this approach with ultramicroscopy we take the first femtosecond snapshot image of a molecular orbital and the first femtosecond single-molecule movie.