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German Research Foundation has granted three CRCs at the University of Cologne

UoC researchers were successful with two new proposals and one renewal request

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has granted two new Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs) at the University of Cologne. Moreover, an existing CRC will receive funding for four more years. The DFG’s appropriations commission reached this decision at its fall meeting in Bonn. New CRCs can receive funding for up to 12 years, and the average sum is 10 million euros for each CRC. In addition, there is a lump sum for indirect costs consisting of 22 percent of the total funding for each programme. All new Collaborative Research Centers will receive funding starting on 1 January 2017 for an initial period of four years.

At the University of Cologne, the following projects were successful:

The Collaborative Research Center/Transregio “Symplectic Structures in Geometry, Algebra, and Dynamics” researches symplectic structures and the application of symplectic techniques in the areas geometry, algebra, dynamic systems, topology, combinatorics, and optimization. The research collaboration builds bridges to disciplines which in the past have not yet – or not yet fully – realized the potential of a symplectic approach. In turn, many disciplines can contribute valuable insights regarding new methodologies in the study of symplectic questions. This includes informatics, for example.
(speaker: Professor Hansjörg Geiges; also involved: Ruhr-University Bochum) 

How is information that is conveyed through language organized and structured? “Prominence” plays a central role in structuring language. The Collaborative Research Center “Prominence in Language” brings together not only different branches of linguistics such as phonetics/phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatism, and discourse, it also conducts research on the relationship between linguistic prominence and general cognitive mechanisms such as accentuation and attention. This ties in with psychology and clinical linguistics.(speaker: Professor Klaus von Heusinger)

The CRC “Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skin Homeostasis” will receive four more years of funding. The aim of this Collaborative Research Center is to analyse and understand the communication between the various cellular and structural partners, which mechanisms guarantee the skin’s homeostasis, and which molecular foundations are at the root of illnesses resulting from malfunctions in skin homeostasis.
(speaker: Professor Carien Niessen)