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UoC Recognized as Fairtrade University

University of Cologne will be awarded the Fairtrade Seal for its commitment to promoting fair global trade

The University of Cologne is committed to sustainability in food production as well as fair trade relations and working conditions. TransFair e.V., which also awards the well-known Fairtrade seals, has now awarded it the title ‘Fairtrade University’ for this commitment.

On Friday, 18 May 2018, at 9.30 a.m., the award ‘Fairtrade University’ will be presented to representatives of the University of Cologne.

In order to receive the award, the University had to meet various criteria. The Kölner Studierendenwerk now offers a wide range of fair trade products in its canteens, bistros and coffee bars. In addition, fairly traded chocolate bars and snacks can be purchased in its vending machines. In the Senate meetings, too, care is taken to ensure that coffee from fair production is served or that caterers work with sustainable food.

‘However, awareness of sustainability and social responsibility goes far beyond products such as coffee or tea’, explains Jana Thomas, who as head of the specially appointed steering committee closely supervised the application for the title. ‘It is now anchored at all levels of the university. We regularly organize events around this topic.’ A chocolate tasting, cooking evenings, and the ‘Who made my clothes?’ event have already taken place to raise awareness of fair production conditions. A ‘Green Office’, a student-led sustainability office, was also opened. It is closely linked to the university administration. In addition, a specialist conference on fair trade will take place in September in cooperation with the Global South Studies Center.

Since 2014, TransFair e.V. Deutschland has awarded the Fairtrade University seal to universities and colleges that are committed to fair trade in accordance with certain criteria. Last year, a steering group was set up at the University of Cologne for this purpose, consisting of representatives of the student body, the gastronomy branch of the Studierendenwerk and the UoC’s Procurement Department. The University has set itself the goal of continuing to promote the ideas of sustainability and fair trade and to make fair products available at even more locations on campus.

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