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Photo: Alexander Perkovic, digital imaging, layout: Frank Hasenstab


Albert’s Global Researcher Network

With Albert’s Global Researcher Network, the University of Cologne has implemented a resourceful and fruitful network of researchers who have spent time at our university or affiliated institutions, be it as a PhD-student, Postdoc-researcher, or guest professor. 

The name refers to the academic spiritus rector of the University of Cologne, Albertus Magnus (1200-1280), a famous medieval scholar, whose international research career can be considered a model and inspiration for the network.

We would like for this network to be beneficial to all involved. We support incoming international scholars from the beginning, and strive for a sustainable connection that reaches far beyond their first stay at our university. We also support the hosting institutes in maintaining their contact or getting back in touch with their international scholars after their stay in Cologne. 

For our concept, developed to accomplish these goals, we have been awarded as one of the winning universitys in the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's  Research Alumni Competition


This concept includes the following opportunities for you:

Albert’s Researcher Reunion Grant

Our re-invitation programme can help you resume academic cooperations or initiate new ones. We offer several scholarships per year for short stays of up to two months... read more 

Albert's Researcher Conference Scholarships

Together with their former hosts, researcher alumni of the University of Cologne can apply for a Scholarship that supports their participation at conferences (congress/workshop/scientific meeting) organised by the UoC or affiliated Institutes... read more


Albert’s Global Network Meetings and Other Network Events

Our international meetings are opportunities for active academic exchange and networking. Researcher alumni can also be lecturers at our summer schools in Cologneread more


Albert’s Researcher Alumni Newsletter

Our biannual newsletter provides information on the latest research, university policies, and other topics of special interest for our researcher alumni. It keeps you informed about the opportunities and developments of Albert’s Global Researcher Network… have a look at the latest issue

International Faculty

At the suggestion of the UoC's Key Profile Areas, up to twelve renowned international scholars already cooperating with the University of Cologne are invited as visiting professors (certified to test students). They are asked to stay for two or three months a year over a period of several years.

The International Faculty is administratively supported by Albert’s International Assistance



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Frank Hasenstab (MA)