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UoC at a Glance

Since its establishment in 1388, the University of Cologne has been a center of science and scholarship in Europe. Today, it is one of the leading German research universities. We offer our students an exceptionally broad and diverse subject base and encourage them to follow their own academic interests. This allows them to develop both intellectually and personally. We are firmly committed to the advancement of human knowledge through basic research, but with an eye to transfer and application in the real word. 


Total budget: 809,3 Mio. € (Medicine 255,8 Mio €) (12/2017)

Academic staff: 5.827 (including Professorship / including Clinical Staff) (12/2017)

Administrative and technichal staff: 6.018 (including. Med. Faculty + Clinic without nursing staff) (12/2017)

Professors649 (12/2017)

Degree programme: 335  (WS2017/18)

Freshmen: 7.169 (WS 2017/18)

Students: 48.841  (WS2017/18)

Graduates7.862  (year of examination 2017)

Completed Doctorates: 741 (WS2017/18) 

At a Glance