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The University at a glance

The University of Cologne is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. Due to its outstanding scientific achievements and the high quality and diversity of its degree programmes, it enjoys an excellent international reputation.

The UoC’s mission is to create, preserve and impart knowledge, to offer its students and early-career academics outstanding academic education, to qualify them for both academic and professional  careers, to promote cutting-edge research and to drive innovation while focusing on the constantly changing needs and challenges of today’s society.



Clusters of Excellence: 4

Graduate Schools, including two
Excellence Graduate Schools 34

Collaborative Research Centres / Transregios12

ERC-Grants: 21

Leibniz Prize Winners11 

Alexander von Humboldt Professorships: 4

UoC Centres: 16

Third-party Funding: 209,9 Mio. € (Medicine 94,9 Mio. €) (12/2017)

Total budget: 809,3 Mio. € (Medicine 255,8 Mio €) (12/2017)

Academic staff: 5.827 (including Professorship / including Clinical Staff) (12/2017)

Administrative and technichal staff: 6.018 (including. Med. Faculty + Clinic without nursing staff) (12/2017)

Professors649 (12/2017)

Degree programme: 335  (WS2017/18)

Freshmen: 7.169 (WS 2017/18)

Students: 48.841  (WS2017/18)

Graduates7.862  (year of examination 2017)

Completed Doctorates: 741 (WS2017/18) 

At a Glance