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Studienstart International


Reach your goal quickly with a good start.

Students from non-EU countries in undergraduate programmes (Bachelor’s degree programmes and programmes ending with the German state examination, the Staatsexamen, begin their studies at the UoC with the orientation semester Studienstart International. This semester prepares you to excel in the degree programme you have selected.

During the Studienstart International semester you already participate in lectures and seminares of your chosen department. After successful completing Studienstart International you start, well prepared and with up to 20 Credit Points, with the first semester of your study course.



Studienstart International  prepares you for your degree programme at the University of Cologne in order for you to 
  • complete your programme quickly and successfully,
  • earn up to 20 credit points already during the ‘Studienstart’ phase,
  • get to know your fellow students – both German and international – and become acquainted with your Faculty,
  • get to know your way around campus and the city of Cologne.
The following Faculties currently participate in the orientation semester ‘Studienstart International’

Depending on your course of study you can apply for the Summer as well as the Winter semester. Please check the Bachelorguide for details

Please pay attention to the specifics concerning the Studienstart International the the Faculty of Human Science and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


Consultation hours:

Tuesday 10 - 11 am
Wednesday 4 -6 pm

at the SSC (Student Service Center), ground floor