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Does my current residence affect my eligibility? 

Yes. You must be a current resident of one of the countries listed as eligible countries. See the information page on our website for the course in your region to find the list of eligible countries. 

Must I already hold a PhD in order to apply? 

The ProGRANT course material is aimed at young PhD holders who wish to gain experience in international grant writing. You must have AT LEAST a Master’s Degree to be eligible, but PhD holders will have preference. 

What does “equivalent research experience” mean? 

“Equivalent research experience” means that you have a graduate degree or several years of research experience, for example, at a research institute. 

Can citizens of the European Union apply? 

No. European Union, United States and Australian citizens are not eligible for the ProGRANT Courses. 

Must I currently be working at a University or Research Institute to be eligible to apply? 

It is not an official requirement, but those working at a university or in a research institute will have preference over those who are not.


What costs are covered for accepted participants? 

Travel: Travel costs to and from Seminar I and Seminar II will be covered. Travel arrangements will be made for you. Travel costs will only be covered for participants living within the four (4) eligible counties. 

Accommodation and Meals: If you require accommodation in the host city, the cost will be covered for Seminar I and Seminar II. The cost of meals will also be covered during the Seminar periods. 

What costs are NOT covered for accepted participants? 

Participants are expected to pay for travel in your home country (for example, to and from the airport/train station), visa fees (if applicable), health insurance (if applicable), and any other additional costs while in the host city. 


What is the schedule for the ProGRANT Course? 

The schedule for the workshop consists of 3 phases: Seminar I, the E-learning Module, and Seminar II. Participation and attendance in all three (3) phases are required to receive certification. It is not possible to just apply for one of Seminars or just the E-Learning module of the course. 

Seminar I: 5-day course in the host city. 

E-Learning: The 4-month online module 

Seminar II: 5-day course in the host city 

Application Process

How do I apply? 

All applications must be submitted via our online application form, which can be found on our website. Applications sent via email will not be accepted. 

What application documents are required? 

All applicants must submit the online application form, a CV, Expose and Letter of Support. Application documents must be submitted in PDF format; PowerPoint, jpeg and other formats will not be accepted. All documents must be up-to-date and applications with missing or incomplete documents will not be reviewed. 

What are the requirements of the Exposé? 

The Exposé is a two page summary of the research you are currently developing. The Exposé MUST include your name, disciplinary area and a title. The Exposé should include the following sections: 

  1. Introduction: Introduce your research idea. Based on pertinent literature, briefly demonstrate that there is a research gap and a need for this gap to be filled.
  2. Aim of the project: State the aim of your intended research. If possible, please state the research question you intend to answer. Tell us about the innovative potential of your project.
  3. Methods: Briefly describe the methods you are going to apply in order to achieve the aim of your project.
  4. Significance/relevance: Briefly state the expected outcome and explain the significance/relevance your project might have for scientific and, if applicable, non-scientific stakeholders.

*If you know already, please indicate the funding agency you want to apply to. 

What are the requirements of the Letter of Support? 

The Letter of Support is a 1-page document from the University or Research Institute you are affiliated with. Your home institution should express support in you participating in the DIES ProGRANT Course. It is also beneficial for the letter to include your role, function and relationship to the institute. The Letter of Support needs to be specific to the DIES ProGRANT Course. 

In what language should I submit my application documents? 

Application documents should be submitted in the official course language. Course languages vary depending on the region. 

What if I need more time to complete my application? 

If you have already started the online application but are unable to complete it, you have the option to save your application online for 7 days. Only one (1) application per applicant may be submitted. Please be aware that once the application deadline has passed, you will not be able to retrieve your saved application. 


How many participants are selected for the Course? 

Roughly 30 participants will be selected from the region. 

Where can I ask questions about visa requirements or concerns? 

Please note that the funding and administrative agencies of this Workshop are NOT responsible for assisting participants with visa documents, fees, or complications. The administrative agency of the ProGRANT Workshop will provide ‘Letters of Participation’ for accepted participants which may be necessary for international travel. Any other visa questions or concerns must be taken to the local Embassy or Foreigners Office. 

Do I need a computer to participate in the course? 

You will not need a computer during the Seminar periods; however participants who have a laptop at their disposal are more than welcome to bring it with them to both Seminar periods. Access to a computer is necessary during the E-learning Module. 

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