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Workshop: Scientific writing for natural scientists

According to the World Climate Council, global warming must be limited to 1.5K. However, why exactly 1.5K and not 0.5K or 10.4K?

During the workshop, a basic experiment will be conducted on this issue, followed by group discussion.  How do you successfully present an experiment in a comprehensible way? How do you discuss the results in a meaningful and critical way? What has to be mentioned? Afterwards, the participants will select a typical form of presentation (a test protocol, which is the basic framework for final thesis, a paper, a poster, presentation slides) and work on it under supervision.

Date:November 28, 2019, from 12 am until 5:30 pm
Place:Regionalrechenzentrum (RRZK), Course room 2
Costs:Free of charge
Lecturer:Mr. Stefan Brackertz
Vacancies:Max. 15 participants
Target groups:International and German students at the University of Cologne (Registration deadline: 14.11.2019)