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Seminar schedule

Dates to keep in mind!

Registration for seminars

Please note: 

Registration is only possible after you have full access to your Klips-account! That means you must have received your access data for your smail-account and log in with your @smail.uni-koeln.de email adress! Loggin in with your application email-adress (home email-adress) allows you restricted use only. 

Registration phases: 

1: 18 July - 7 August

2: 29 August - 19 September

3: 5 October

Detailed instructions on the registraton process will be given (among other informations) during the semester-prep-session on September 7 (details to be announced). 

Seminars of the Winter term 2018/19


Basic Module 1 (Core courses)

Economy and Society

Politics and Law

Culture and History

Basic Module 2 (German course)

The courses will be offered by the Department of German as a Foreign Language. To fullfil the Basic Module 2 you either need to participate in the pre-semester course or the regular German course during the semester. 

Elective Module - Course Descriptions