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Head of Project

Rector Prof. Dr. Axel Freimuth, rektor(at), 0221/470-2201


Dr. Stephanie Bölts (Science), s.boelts(at), 0221/470-2345

Claudia Arntz (Administration), c.arntz(at), 0221/470-1913

Nadia Rümmelein (Advisor), n.ruemmelein(at), 0221/470-89959

Measure 1

Dr. Beate Saal, b.saal(at), 0221/470-2571

Measure 2

Maria Riese m.riese(at), 0221/470-1088

Inger Brandt, i.brandt(at), 0221/470-7464

Measure 3

Nelli Nokkala, n.nokkala(at), 0221/470-7458

Measure 4

Dr. Stephanie Bölts, s.boelts(at), 0221/470-2345

Dr. Beate Saal, b.saal(at), 0221/470-257

Dr. Christian Preusse, c.preusse(at), 0221/470-1888

Measure 5

Dr. Stephanie Bölts, s.boelts(at), 0221/470-2345

Measure 6

Susanne Ludewig-Greiner (Administration),, +49 221 470-3752

Measure 7

Susanne Ludewig-Greiner (Administration), s.ludewig-greiner(at), +49 221 470-3752

Dr. Britt Dahmen (Science), b.dahmen(at), 0221/470-5907