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Men and women have different occupational biographies and entry possibilities in academia. Many of these differences are based on structural disadvantages for women. In order to support women in the pursuit of an academic career, the University of Cologne has instituted a Gender Mentoring Agency.

The Gender Mentoring Agency’s task is to promote exceptionally talented female undergraduate and graduate students and to provide assistance in the concrete planning and realization of the necessary career steps. The Agency wants to provide long-term support and mentoring during the mentee’s entire study or research program at the UoC.

Schema: Gender Mentoring Agentur

Besides the mentoring partnerships, accompanying workshops and network meetings for mentees, the program encompasses a target-group-specific offer for academic leaders and lecturers allowing you to network and develop your professional skills in your role as a mentor, career developer, and gatekeeper. We cordially invite all interested persons to contact us.