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Junior Researchers

Supporting Early-stage Researchers

Postdoc Career Program

The Staff Development (PE Wiss) department offers strategic and operative support as well as counselling and advice to young academics at the UoC. On the basis of regular demand surveys, they develop custom-tailored staff development offers for all scholars and scientists at the UoC. Their offers rest on four basic aims:

  • the development of interdisciplinary competencies for excellent research and teaching

  • the planning and realization of individual career paths

  • preparation for leadership and management tasks in academic and non-academic settings

  • support for academic and social networking at the UoC as well as regionally and internationally

The Postdoc Career Program was developed to offer early-career researchers in their postdoctoral phase professional career development support – in and outside of the university. This includes a wide range of events, individual coaching and mentoring as well as networking events.


Further information about the seminar, coaching, counselling and mentoring offers is available here. The PE Wiss team is looking forward to meeting you.