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Our Instructors

The renowned instructors of our workshops have distinctive experience within academia and are specialized in training young researchers. A part of our workshops is taught in German, others in English.

Below, we have listed our current instructors' profiles for you.

Julia Verse

Dr. Julia Verse is a historian and ethnologist and received her doctoral degree from the Humboldt University of Berlin. She conducted international research, and while extending her experience as a consultant and coach in science, she currently teaches good scientific practice throughout Germany and Europe. She is a member of the Team Scientific Integrity.

In the endeavour to multiply awareness on good scientific practice and research ethics she literally sailed the sea with research training groups and presented a lecture on scientific misconduct at the 5th World Conference on Research Integrity in Amsterdam in May 2017. At present she is working on a publication of an empirical research project on the situation of young researchers and their knowledge on scientific misconduct.

John Kluempers

For nearly two decades, John Kluempers, Ph.D. has been using his voice professionally. First, as a radio journalist at Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster. And now as a presentation trainer. He has helped hundreds of Ph.D. candidates and post-docs in Germany and Austria to take their presentations to the next level. He got his doctorate in linguistics at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), lived in Berlin before moving to Tokyo, Japan where he taught at Dokkyo University. These experiences in
vibrant, bustling metropolises on three continents have broadened his understanding of the cultural aspects in communication we all face in multinational organizations. So
much so, that he now teaches courses on intercultural team management in Cologne. John lives in Bonn.

Sabine Scheerer

Sabine Scheerer ist ausgebildete Pantomime und seit 15 Jahren Trainerin für Körpersprache, Kommunikation und Präsentation. Ihr Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt ist kommunikative Kompetenz im Berufsfeld Wissenschaft, z.B. Entwicklung eines persönlichen Vortragsstils, Erweiterung stimmlicher und sprachlicher Fähigkeiten sowie bewusste Körpersprache und Auftreten.

Daniela Twilfer

Daniela Twilfer ist als promovierte Germanistin sowie Sprechwissenschaftlerin und Sprecherzieherin (DGSS e.V.) seit 2010 als freiberufliche Kommunikationstrainerin für Universitäten, Schulen und Firmen tätig. Während ihrer Promotion in der germanistischen Linguistik koordinierte sie als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin ein europäisch-lateinamerikanisches Projekt der EU. Die Themenschwerpunkte ihrer Seminare liegen im Bereich der Rederhetorik, Gesprächsrhetorik und Interkulturellen Kommunikation (Schwerpunkt Lateinamerika und Spanien).

Anne Wegner

Anne Wegner, M.Sc., is a native English speaker, born and raised in England. With her B.Sc. degree in D.P.S. Ergonomics she worked for companies, organizing projects across Europe. Furthermore she acted in translating and teaching English to Speakers of other languages. Since 2007 she works as an associate lecturer at the University of Bonn. As an English teacher and intercultural trainer, her motto is “it’s not just about what you write, it’s also about how you write it!”

Lesley-Anne Weiling

Lesley-Anne Weiling, is a native English speaker from Ireland and holds a degree in Modern History from Queens University Belfast. Over the last 10 years, she has supported numerous doctoral candidates, post docs and senior researchers on their journey to publication.  In addition to teaching academic writing and academic presentation skills, she edits academic texts and holds regular classes at the university in conversational English.  She aims to not only demystify academic writing, but to help researchers communicate more effectively in all aspects of their academic career.