Foto: Helmar Mildner
Foto: Helmar Mildner

Gender and Diversity

The University of Cologne upholds a comprehensive policy of gender equality, represented here by the term "gender", which encompasses the social and cultural dimensions of the term. The University of Cologne considers a dynamic and goal-oriented policy of gender equality to be one of the central tenets of university development. The most important goal is to increase the representation of women at all skill levels and in leadership positions. A particular emphasis is placed on the integration of gender equality issues in research and teaching.

Diversity Management takes off from an appreciation and promotion of the heterogeneity of people pertaining to gender, age, disabilities, social status, religion/faith, ethnic origin and sexual orientation studying, teaching and administrating at the university.

The goals of our diversity management are twofold:

  • maximum equality of educational and career opportunities
  • development of potentials of highly heterogeneous groups of students, researchers and teachers

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