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Büro Beijing

The University of Cologne Beijing Office is the first overseas representative office of the University and was founded in May 2007.

The office serves as a representation in Asia and as an information center for Chinese students, university alumni and partner organizations wishing to get in touch with the University. For the University of Cologne the office provides important information on the latest developments in Chinese Higher Education policy as well on the its cutting-edge research.

The office is located in Landmark Tower, a building that unites many German organizations such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Consulates’ Akademische Prüfstelle (APS). The UoC office neighbors with five other representative offices of German universities, which constitutes a major advantage with regards to guiding Chinese students in their choices to go to Germany. In this respect the office also cooperates closely with DAAD for marketing purposes across China.

Lan Qiu, head of the UoC Liaison Office in Beijing. Foto: Zhao Pengpeng


Lan Qiu
Head of the University of Cologne Liaison Office in Beijing
Phone: +86-10-65906656 ext.32
Email: lan.qiu@uni-koeln.de

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Beijing, China