Albertus-Magnus-Platz Panorama, Foto: Helmar Mildner
Foto: Helmar Mildner


Friday 19. December 2014
New insights on the effects of online advertising

Personalized advertising attracts more attention and makes the contents of ads easier to remember[more]

Tuesday 09. December 2014
Professor Claus Kreß receives this year’s M.C. Bassiouni Justice Award

Prof. Dr. Claus Kreß

A committee of leading experts in criminal and international law has granted Professor Claus Kreß the 2014 M.C. Bassiouni Justice Award during a ...[more]

Tuesday 25. November 2014
Genome Damage Tolerance Extends Lifespan

The team of scientists led by Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher at CECAD Cluster of Excellence at the University of Cologne has shown that a longevity ...[more]

Wednesday 19. November 2014
Climate Change in Drylands

Ecologists from the University of Cologne are Analyzing Vegetation Stability during and after Droughts[more]


Monday 03. November 2014
Astrochemical Dating of a Stellar Nursery

An international research team led by scientists from the Coordinated Research Center (CRC) 956 “Conditions and Impact of Star Formation” at the ...[more]

Thursday 30. October 2014
Major international award for linguist from the University of Cologne

Foto Albertus Magnus Statue

A publication by Professor Nikolaus P. Himmelmann receives this year's Best Article in Language Award[more]

Tuesday 28. October 2014
How do we punish norm violators?

Prof. Bettina Rockenbach

People tend to refuse to help rather than directly intervene[more]

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