Foto: Helmar Mildner
Foto: Helmar Mildner


Monday 31. March 2014
Excessive hospital occupancy levels result in avoidable mortality

Cologne-based researchers identify a safety 'tipping point' at which hospitals fail[more]

Thursday 27. February 2014
A Predictive Fitness Model for Influenza

Researchers at Columbia University and the University of Cologne have created a new model to successfully predict the evolution of the influenza ...[more]

Wednesday 12. February 2014
Cologne Pro-Rector for International Affairs to sign Memorandum of Understanding in India

Cooperation between the University of Cologne and the Jawaharlal Nehru University to become official [more]

Thursday 06. February 2014
Dr. Eva Hoppe-Fischer awarded Modigliani Research Grant

10,000 Euro for Cologne Junior Researcher[more]

Wednesday 15. January 2014
New Study shows: Large Landmasses existed 2.7 billion years ago

Erde, Foto: NASA

71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans and 29% by land. The question of when large landmasses emerged from the oceans has always been hotly ...[more]

Monday 16. December 2013
Cologne Scientist sequences Genome of giant freshwater unicellular Organism

Most creatures familiar to us consist of many cells with one nucleus per cell: plants, animals and fungi. However, there are organisms that consist ...[more]


Friday 13. December 2013
Cologne Scientist discovers Water Plumes on Jupiter’s Moon Europa

Plumes reach heights of 200 km[more]

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