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Work Contract

Academic employees at universities conclude employment contracts with the university which state the salary scale and conditions of employment. In Germany, however, many professors and academic staff are public servants, and they are appointed. Public servants’ salaries are laid down by the “Bundesbesoldungsgesetz” (the law regulating the salaries of public servants) and the corresponding regulations of the respective Federal State. The salary scale for professors is called “W”. In most Federal States academic staff are paid according to a collective pay agreement known as “TV-L”.

You will have to sign your employment contract before you officially start working. Your institute or the personnel department will tell you in advance which forms and documents have to be submitted in order to draw up the contract. As an employee you will usually be required to pay tax and social security contributions.


The “Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung NRW (LBV)” is the authority responsible for calculating and paying the salaries of all employees and public servants, so you will receive your salary statement from the LBV directly. You can find the coordinates of people to contact on your salary statement or by using your LBV-pin number to access the LBV’s website. Here you will also find additional information on collective pay agreements, child benefit and taxation.


Employment documents