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Status Quo Surveys

The Status Quo Surveys constitute an evaluation of degree programmes at the University of Cologne on a regular basis.
Thereby, the focus is placed on aspects that are constitutive for good study conditions and studying successful towards a degree.
Examples of these aspects include:

  • An organisation of studies that ensures a smooth course of studies
  • A workload that enables students to complete their studies within the standard course duration
  • A suitable selection of examination formats and number of examinations
  • Helpful advice for students from teaching staff and other university members
  • Guaranteed research and career orientation in degree programmes
  • Appropriate equipment and facilities for degree programmes

In order to investigate the extent to which these demands are met by specific degree programmes, partially standardised interviews (interview guidelines) are conducted with representatives from student bodies and course representatives. Furthermore, students are invited to complete an online survey. This procedure follows a standardised project-schedule.

The findings of the interviews and survey are then used as a basis for the conceptualisation and implementation to optimise the programme in question.