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Cologne Summer School on Perspectives and Visions of Digital Societies

Implications for Sciences, Ethics, Economies, Cultures and Communication

Cologne 20 July - 7 August, 2020


“Change is the only constant in life” – the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, probably unaware of the impact his words still seem to have in the year 2020, perhaps more than ever.
But what are these changes that are challenging human societies and every single citizen all over the world?
For sure, they are various but many deal with digitalization that affects all areas of life.

Therefore, this year‘s three-week interdisciplinary Cologne Summer School on “Perspectives and Visions of Digital Societies- Implications for Sciences, Ethics, Economies, Cultures and Communications” strives to explore the manifold facets of this phenomenon. 
During offline workshops with lecturers of the University of Cologne, and online classes with lecturers from partner universities in Finland, Canada and the USA, twenty-five Cologne and international students from all university disciplines will have the chance to discuss different aspects of digitalization.

Participants will be exposed to interdisciplinary approaches and related questions such as:

“What is needed to become a digitally competent citizen?”

“What changes do sciences undergo as a consequence of digitalization?”

“How is culture and its preservation affected by digitalization?”

“What are the new challenges for education caused by data-driven societal technologies in China and Western-style democracies?”

“What are the risks of algorithm-based decision making e.g. in medical care and how can human rights be protected?” (Algorithm Watch - algorithmwatch.org)

“What changes occur in public policy analysis and environmental governance due to digitalization?”

“How to create a resource-oriented, creator- and customer-friendly digital business?”

“To what extend does social media – in particular YouTube, Twitter etc. – shape generation Y’s political perspectives?” and many more.

The course work will be enriched by site visits to local digital start-ups, NGOs, social events and cultural activities that give students insights into German culture and the digital status quo.

The application process will start in the beginning of December 2019 and end on March 31, 2020.



Victoria Busch, M.A.
Project Coordinator Cologne Summer Schools

Marina Dikova, B.Sc.

Universitätsstraße 22a
50923 Cologne
Phone: +49-221-470 1394
E-Mail: CologneSummerSchools[at]verw.uni-koeln.de