21.12.11 10:59
By: Dr. Patrick Honecker

The Volkswagen Foundation is supporting cooperative Research between European and African Universities

Seven African PhD students at the University of Cologne and four African and Dutch partner institutes are currently investigating new forms of mobility and resource management in Africa. The background to this is research on the effects of globalization on countries such as Cameroon, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania. Not only new forms of mobility but also new forms of cooperation often result in a concentration of land ownership, altered forms of the utilization of resources and new forms of cooperation between agribusiness and small farmers. In addition to academic objectives, one of the main priorities of this interdisciplinary project is to promote African PhD students.  

The Volkswagen Foundation is providing the project with a total of Euro 800,000. In addition to the University of Cologne, the Dutch Universities of Leiden and Wageningen as well as African universities in Dar es Salaam, Harare, Western Cape (Cape Town) and Buea (Cameroon) and an independent Namibian research organization are involved in the project. The ethnologist Professor Dr. Michael Bollig, who is also the Prorektor für Akademische Karriere, Diversität und Internationales (Prorector for academic careers, diversity and international affairs), is the director of the project. 

For queries contact:        
Ulrike Wesch, M.A., 
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Cologne African Studies Centre (CASC) 
VW-Project: Human Mobility and Natural Resources in Africa 
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