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Supporting Early Career Researchers

Establishment of central contact points for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

The aim of the UoC Advanced Postdoc Grants is to improve working conditions of excellent scientists through additional research funding and to strengthen their financial independence. In the Institutional Strategy, 17 UoC Advanced Postdoc Grants were awarded in four calls between 2012-2018. 100% of grantees are still pursuing a scientific career, 76% of them at the University of Cologne. In addition, 28 UoC Postdoc Grants were awarded to postdoctoral researchers shortly after the doctorate in order to strengthen their further scientific qualification through an independent research project. Of 28 UoC postdocs funded, 27 are pursuing a scientific career. Here are a few examples of the scientific successes of the former grantees:

  • Prof. Dr. Carsten Busse (1st round) was appointed University Professor (W3) for Experimental Nanophysics in 2017 at the University of Siegen.

  • From the Excellence Cluster CECAD, Dr. Matteo Bergami, who was funded with a UoC Advanced Postdoc Grant in the 2nd call for proposals, received a call for a professorship (W2) in 2017.

  • Dr.'in Uta Reinöhl (Linguistics) obtained a UoC Postdoc Grant in 2014 and is Co-PI in CRC 1252 "Prominence in Language". Starting in 2019, Dr.'in Reinöhl will lead an Emmy Noether Junior Research Group at the University of Mainz.

  • Also Co-PI in CRC 1252 is Dr.'in Sarah Verlage (Heilpädagogik und Rehabilitation), who obtained a UoC Postdoc Grant in the 1st call for proposals.

  • Prof. Dr. Roland Imhoff, who obtained a UoC Advanced Postdoc Grant in the 2nd call, now holds a professorship (W2) for Social and Legal Psychology at the Psychological Institute of the Gutenberg University Mainz.

  • Dr.'in Olga Stavrova has been Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at Tilburg University (Netherlands) since 2018. She received a UoC Postdoc Grant in the 1st call.

  • Dr. Timo Röttger (Phonetics) from the current 4th call, went to Nortwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

  • Dr. Jan Ruppert (3rd round, UoC Postdoc) has accepted an assistant professorship in the field of vegetation ecology at the University of Tübingen.

  • Dr. Max Engel (1st call, UoC Postdoc) is now Postdoctoral Fellow at the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels. Dr. Engel was awarded the Max Delbrück Junior Prize in 2014.

Information on the funding line and the call rounds of the UoC Advanced Postdoc Grants and UoC Postdoc Grants are listed here.

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Mobility Grants

The "Mobility Grants for National and International Young Faculty", a funding programme of the Institutional Strategy, supports international networking of early career researchers by promoting short stays abroad and guest stays of international postdocs at the University of Cologne. Since the introduction of the programme in 2016, 99 scientists have been funded. Almost 60% of the research stays were at universities outside of Europe. Research stays of up to four weeks were carried out at the Massey University (Auckland), the University of Yaoundé (Cameroon), the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies (Iceland), the Al-Quds-University (East Jerusalem) and the State Institute for Russian Literature of the Russian Federation. Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg). Impressions of the Grantees from their stays can be found here:

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