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Compatibility of Family & Career

The project leaders of the UoC Advanced Postdoc Grants and UoC Postdoc Grants on parental leave are given the opportunity to apply for an increase in funding to finance additional staff while they are not able to carry out research due to family reasons. The additional support can facilitate re-entry after parental leave. The projects can also be suspended or flexibly extended.

The Backup Service of the Dual Career and Family Support was created and equipped with resources from the Institutional Strategy. The figures show a continuous increase of parents using these services. Initially, there were only just under 4,000 hours of childcare requested by students and scientists, but in 2017 almost 16,000 hours of childcare were booked.

A particularly innovative project within the framework of the Gender Mainstreaming Programme is the introduction of Family Days at the Faculty of Philosophy. This idea has just been awarded the Jenny Gusyk "Innovation Prize" in 2018. In addition, further equipment for parent-child rooms was financed.