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Lifelong learning

The educational offer of the University of Cologne is unique in Germany in scope and breadth. As a classic comprehensive university with more than 50,000 students, it offers a comprehensive range of courses of study with more than 330 study programmes. The university's educational portfolio, however, extends far beyond the basic course offerings and covers the entire life span: The Coordination Office for Science and the Public (Koordinierungsstelle für Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit) serves the educational needs of all age groups and offers specialised courses for children , young people  and senior citizens.. Citizen Science project groups and the Professional Center focus on research-based learning approaches; the Mercator Institute for Literacy and Language Education wants to improve language education. With its research and scientific services, it contributes to more equal opportunities in the education system.. In addition, various continuing education courses are aimed at working students.

Teacher training also plays an important role in lifelong learning. With over 14,000 teacher training students, the University of Cologne is the largest training institution for teachers in Germany and has an extensive network in this field: the Centre for Teacher Education lists around 800 cooperation schools, and educational research is closely interlinked with practice via the inclusive university school (Heliosschule). This profile is complemented by courses of study related to media, early childhood and intercultural education.