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Course Syllabi online

Check further below for pdf-files of the core courses´ syllabi and schedules. 



Info for "Advanced" CGSP students

Click here to find the preliminary schedule for the summer term 2019!



Exam details

The final exam for the Basic Module 1 will take place on February 1st at noon. 

Hörsaalgebäude (building number 105 across from the Philosophikum), Hörsaal (lecture hall) G

CGSP students: duration 90 minutes (30 minutes per core course)

Studium Integrale / ERASMUS: duration according to number of CGSP core course taken (30 minutes per core course)


- multiple choice test, one correct answer per question

- 20 questions per core courses, 30 minutes to answer

- no grade, pass/fail mode

- results: late February/early March

Important note CGSP students: While the exam is not graded, you will all receive grades for the performances in the single core courses. These grades combinded will mark the grade for the Basic Module 1, given that the exam was passed. 


CGSP Xmas 2018

Click here for more info on this year´s Xmas get-together!



Up-to-date info on courses!


The pdf will show you all the detailed information you need to have on the CGSP core courses and the course "Intercultural Issues in Academia". Keep in mind that showing up in the first session is mandatory in order to secure your spot in the class!




We will be offering a webinar for all winter term students of the CGSP that need support in the registration process on Klips. Access information has been sent out via email. If you didn´t receive it, contact us via emai.. 



Get all the infos you need!

We are looking forward to meet you at the general welcome session for exchange students on Wednesday, Sep. 5th, and our CGSP info session  on Friday, Sep. 7th!

Where to go? See our building list and the campus map for details!

Dates to keep in mind!

Registration for seminars

Please note: 

Registration is only possible after you have full access to your Klips-account! That means you must have received your access data for your smail-account and log in with your email adress! Loggin in with your application email-adress (home email-adress) allows you restricted use only. 

Registration phases: 

1: 18 July - 7 August

2: 29 August - 19 September

3: 5 October

Detailed instructions on the registraton process will be given (among other informations) during the semester-prep-session on September 7 (details to be announced). 

Seminars of the Winter term 2018/19


Basic Module 1 (Core courses)

Economy and Society

Politics and Law

Culture and History

Basic Module 2 (German course)

The courses will be offered by the Department of German as a Foreign Language. To fullfil the Basic Module 2 you either need to participate in the pre-semester course or the regular German course during the semester. 

Elective Module - Course Descriptions

Course Syllabi (CGSP courses only)

Please check the documents below for detailed course descriptions. Available are only those courses that run under the management of the Cologne Global Study Program. For Syllabi of faculty courses, you need to check the info on Klips or in the corresponding institute.