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Course Program: Winter term 2017/18


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Details on Modules&Courses


You will chose three core courses, one from each of the thematic fields listed below. Each of the course will count for 3CP. At the end of the semester you will take the final exam for the core courses. The exam will contain three parts, one for each of the core courses you had chosen. The exam will in addition count for 3CP. This will bring you to a total of 12CP for the basic module 1. 

Politics and Law

Economy and Society

Culture and History

Basic Module 2 (German course)

The courses will be offered by the Department of German as a Foreign Language. To fullfil the Basic Module 2 you either need to participate in the pre-semester course or the regular German course during the semester. 



Elective Module

You have to collect 9CP in total in order to complete the elective module. This could either be a second German course (given you count the pre-semester course in Basic Module 2), or a selection of faculty courses and our course "Intercultural Issues in Academia".

If you are not familiar with the expectations and demands that you will be faced with in a German classroom, we highly suggest the course "Intercultural Issues in Academia". The course is set up to be an asset and a support to guide you through the upcoming academic challenges. While other courses (core courses, faculty courses) will be focused on content only, this course will equip you with the tools to handle performances that will be expected in those content classes.