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Dear students, 

Your certificate folder has been sent out at the end of September. It was sent to your coordinator (unless we were told otherwise). The folder contains two stamped Transcript of Records , the certificate, German course certificates and single records stating your achievement in individual courses. 

Transcript of Records: The transcript will be stamped, not signed. It is stated on the transcript, that the validity is given with the stamp and that there is no signature necessary. 

German course certificates: Not all certificates had been sent to our office, if you registration for the CGSP was rather late, they department of German as a Foreign Language may not have been informed and your German course certificate got sent to the ZiB (centre for international relations) of your faculty. The grade your received (if one was given), will not be displayed on the official Transcript of Records, as the grade was irrelevant to the CGSP. You can find the grad on the German course certificate. 

Individual records: Core course were marked with an individual grade during the summer term 2017 (not in the winter term 2016/17). 



Dear participants,

This is a small overview of relevant dates for the summer semester 2017:   

Pre-semester German course6 March – 13 April 2017
Course selection via Klips17 March – 29 March 2017
Klips counselling session24 March 2017
11am – 12pm and 1pm – 2pm
Individual Klips counselling20 – 29 March 2017 
(only by appointment via cgsp@verw.uni-koeln.de)
End of the winter semester 2016/1731 March 2017
Start of the summer semester1 April 2017
Study Trip registration13 April 2017 (deadline!)
Course selection via Klips18 April – 11 May 2017
Study Trip Brussels May 2017
End of lecture period28 July 2017



Course Overview summer term 2017


Basic Module 1 (Core courses)

Economy and Society

Politics and Law

Culture and History

Elective Module - Course Descriptions


You can find the buildings on the campus map by entering the Bldg-Code into the "Suche" field at http://lageplan.uni-koeln.de. The Building will be highlighted in red.

100HauptgebäudeAlbertus-Magnus-Platz 1
101WiSo GebäudeUniversitätsstr. 24
102Student Service CentreUniversitätsstr. 22a
103PhilosophikumUniversitätsstr. 41
105HörsaalgebäudeUniversitätsstr. 35
106SeminargebäudeUniversitätsstr. 37
202RechtshausGottfried-Keller-Str. 2
211IBW GebäudeHerbert-Lewin-Straße 2
216HF-GebäudeGronewaldstr. 2
315COPTLuxemburger Str. 90
335Angew. SozialforschungGreinstr. 2