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A "Kegelabend" to wrap up the summer term 2018

For the last get-together of the summer term 2018, we decided to organize an evening of "Kegeln". None of the students were familiar with this kind of sport. The easiest way to explain it, is to describe it as a bowling-like game, but the ball has no holes and there are only 9 pins instead of 10. Oh and to make it more challenging, the alley towards the pins is quite narrow. Everyone accepted the challenge and we had a great evening with tons of laughs and great chats.

@ all the participants of the summer term 2018: It was great to have you on the program and amazing to meet a group with so much enthusiam and motivation!

Click here to see pictures of the event!


Final Exam

The final exam of the Basic Module 1 will be on 

Friday, July 20th, 12-2pm, room S234 (ground floor COPT buidling - see map)!



18 July 2018 - "Kegel"-night

Inviting all students of the CGSP to a traditional Kegel-event. This will be the last get-together of the summer term and we are looking forward to see many of you there!

18 July 2018, 6-8pm

Laden 1/3 in Ehrenfeld

Registration is necessary until 6 July 2018 via cgsp(at)verw.uni-koeln.de

Click here for further info on Laden 1/3


Register now!


Klips Info

There had been some irregularities concerning the dates and times of some of the courses on Klips. Please note that all core courses have been updated in terms of scheduled sessions!

Furthermore, the third registration period will start tomorrow! You wil be able to adjust your choices (e.g. elective vs. basic module) and register or de-register for courses. 



Change of date!!!

Please note: Due to the public transit strike in Cologne on April 10th, our excursion to the Triangle Tower will be moved to Wednesday, April 11th! Please re-confirm your participation or register for one of the last available spots via email!


Visit of the Triangle Tower and the Deutzer Brauhaus (10 Apr)

This semester we would like to invite you to an early mini-excursion during the first week of the semester. This is excursion will offer both, a great way to get to know your fellow students and enjoy an amazing view over the city at the same time (bring your cameras!). We would like to take you on top of the Triangle Tower in Köln-Deutz. It is an exclusive offer to CGSP students and the entrance fee will be paid for. Afterwards we will head to the nearby "Deutzer Brauhaus" for a cold "Kölsch" and some chats.


NEW: "Introduction to Public International and European Union Law"

We are glad to announce that Prof. Hobe and his colleague Benjamyn Scott of the Law Faculty of the UoC will support the CGSP this upcoming semester by offering the course "Introduction to Public International and European Union Law" within the Basic Module 1. The start of the seminar is not until the 24th of April. If you would like to register for the course prior to the 3rd registration phase on Klips, you can notify me via email: cgsp(at)verw.uni-koeln.de

See the course description for further details on the course!



Change in schedule

There has been a change of time/date for the course "Intercultural Issues in Academia". Furthermore, there are three new courses from the faculties that you may count under the elective module. 

You can find the updated schedule here

Info "International Environmental Law"

The course "International Environmental Law (13980.2082)" will be counting for 6CP and needs to be connected with "Additonal course IV" under the elective module. Please note, that this class does demand a higher workload than course counting for 3CP.


German Course Information



Basic Module 1 (Core courses)

Economy and Society

Politics and Law

Culture and History

Elective Module - Course Descriptions