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Application, Admission and Enrolment

On this page you will find information about the application procedure for PhD Studies. Detailed information about financing or immigration and residence can be foud here.


General Requirements

General requirements for recognition of your university degree:
  1. Meeting the requirements for a PhD program at your university in your home country
  2. Completion of at least 4 years at an university followed by an exam and usually a Master thesis.
German language proficiency

Generally, you can earn your PhD in German and English at all faculties. In case you want to persue your doctorate in any other language than German please be aware that some faculties require an application and the approval of the supervisor.

Please confirm with your doctoral advisor

a)    which language you want to write your dissertation in

b)    which language your oral examination (Disputatio or Rigorosum) will take place in.

PhD / MD Regulations

Please inform yourself about your PhD / MD program requirements and process by carefully reading the regulations for the degree of your choice. For certain programs you need to have particular language skills or participate in doctoral student courses or lectures.

Below you will find the PhD regulations for each faculty:

Contacting Your Doctoral Advisor

Once you decide to pursue your PhD at the University of Cologne, you will need a doctoral advisor ("Doktorvater","Doktormutter").

Professors that can fulfill that function may be found on the web pages of the individual faculties. Please contact the desired advisor as early as possible.

When you contact a potential doctoral advisor, please enclose the following documents:

  • Complete C.V.
  • Description of your scientific research development
  • Draft/outline of your research project.

If the professor accepts you as a doctoral advisee, he or she will issue a confirmation of academic supervision.