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Research Units Survey & Contact

FOR 1882: Psychoeconomics. Interacting Decision Processes and Their Consequences for Economic Performance
Prof. Dr. Carlos Alós-Ferrer
Chair of Economics 
Phone: +49 221 470 8303

FOR 2125: Structures, properties and reactions of carbonates at high temperatures and pressure 
Professor Dr. Sandro Jahn 
Institute for Geology and Mineralogy
Phone: +49 221 470 4420

FOR 2150 Relativity in Social Cognition: Antecedents and Consequences of Comparative Thinking
Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Thomas Musweiler
Phone: +49 221 470 7916

FOR 2240: (Lymph)Angiogenesis And Cellular Immunity In Inflammatory Diseases Of The Eye
Prof. Dr. Claus Cursiefen,
Centre for Ophthalmology
Phone: +49 0221 478 4300 

FOR 2358: The Mountain Exile Hypothesis: How humans benefitted from and re-shaped African high altitude ecosystems during Quaternary climatic changes
Dr. Ralf Vogelsang
Institute for Pre- and Early History
Phone: +49 221 470 6795

FOR 2495: Induktive Metaphysik
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hüttemann
Philosophical Seminar 
Phone: +49 221 470 3446

Clinical Research Unit (KFO)

KFO 286: Exploiting defects in the DNA damage response for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Prof. Dr. M. Hallek
Clinic (Department) I of Internal Medicine
Phone: +49 221 478 4400

KFO 329: Molekulare Mechanismen von Podozyten-Erkrankungen – die Nephrologie auf dem Weg zur Präzisionsmedizin
Professor Dr. Thomas Benzing
Clinic II of Internal Medicine
Phone: +49 221 478 4480