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Institutional Strategy

Flexible Research Through Adequate Funding

Measure 2

Excellent Research


The UoC’s Excellent Research Support Program (ERSP) is a stimulus for greater academic freedom and greater research flexibility.

The ERSP provides four competitive internal funding programs that support outstanding individuals at all career stages as well as excellent collaborative research projects. It is designed to provide support on all levels of research – from individual researchers to large-scale coordinated projects.

The ERSP fosters the strategic development of the UoC. It does not substitute third-party funding. A prerequisite for applying is employment at the UoC.

International partners (preferred strategic partners) and members of the Research Alliance Cologne are welcome to participate in the projects, but do not receive additional funding. Some ERSP funding lines provide additional funding (Fakultätspauschale) for the Faculties to cover indirect project expenses such as compensation of the teaching hours of participating researchers.

Department 14: Evaluations is responsible for the assessment processes. The Rectorate makes all funding decisions.