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Faculty of InternationalSample Institute

Registration in the City Hall

All students new to Cologne must register their place of residence at the (District) Registration Office within a week of moving in - this is mandatory for all citizens living in Germany. Those who live outside of Cologne need to report to the Registration Office responsible for their area. You need the following documents for residence registration:

  • passport/personal I.D.
  • registration form - available at the (District) Registration Office or online (Cologne) or online (Hürth)
  • "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" - confirmation of your landlord, form available at the (District) Registration Office or online (Cologne) or online (Hürth)
  • for students living in a students dormitory of the Kölner Studierendenwerk: rental contract

Students living in Cologne may go to the Registration Office in the ”Innenstadt”, no matter what place of residence. Otherwise, we recommend that you visit the Registration Office of the district you live in. The following Cologne districts have their own District Registration Office:

Students living in Hürth – Efferen register at the Registration Office in Hürth.

Note: Please keep you registration certificate (“Anmeldebescheinigung”) safe for your documents. You may need it for opening a bank account, for applying for your residence permit or for the University library!